After five years experience with digital marketing and futuring, I’ve worked with a number of clients and spoken at dozens of events regarding how to navigate today’s increasingly demanding attention economy. Get in touch about your project to see how we can collaborate.

Previous Clients

Strategic Foresight Analysis

With over a dozen speaking engagements over the several years related to futurism, I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience as a strategic forecasting analyst. Let me turn my passion for prognostication toward your project so we can chart potential futures using environmental scanning and anticipate ideal paths to adaptability.

Facilitated Visioning Activities

The inevitability of rapid evolution across disciplines in the digital age requires organizations to plan for their future by leveraging the combined expertise of all their employees. With scenario-building and backcasting techniques, we can work together in large group settings to collaboratively develop preferred scenarios for your brand’s movement into an uncertain future.

Content Marketing Audits

Adapting your content strategy to respond to your community’s preferences can be difficult, especially when the quantity of content you are producing exceeds your ability to assess the performance of each post individually. I will comb your social messaging history and sort the successes from the flops to help predict shareable, engaging, click-worthy content.

Social Media Campaign Management

Looking to run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites? Working for other clients and on a number of campaigns as Online Community Specialist at the University of Ottawa, I have gained extensive experience planning and managing social advertising portfolios with a wide range of target audiences and markets.

Social Networking Site Data Visualization

Despite the increasing availability of data from social media, having the right experience and tools to turn the .CSV files into accessible graphics and actionable insights can be difficult. I can help your team build its archival strategy from the ground up and extend the lessons learned from the information you will gather with stunning visualizations

e-Marketing and Data Science Workshops

I have built a number of training workshops and tutorials that have helped communicators make the transition into the world of digital marketing. Annotated screenshots, customized video walkthroughs and troubleshooting Q&A sessions are some of the learning tools I’ve found most valuable for ensuring the insights gained can be turned into actionable improvements for any organization’s social media operations.

Online Community Benchmarking

The zero-sum game of social media penalizes accounts that fail to secure audience attention as well as their competitors. Let me help you position your community relative to the market and define its strengths, vulnerabilities and room for growth.

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